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The raw material of strip velvet fabric is blended or interwoven with polyester, acrylic, spandex and other fibers. The velvet is a fabric with longitudinal piles formed on the surface, which is cut weft and raised, and consists of two parts: pile weave and ground weave. After processing such as cutting and brushing, the surface of the fabric presents a wick-shaped and obvious raised pile, hence the name. Striped wool generally refers to corduroy. The fleece fabric feels elastic and soft to the touch, the fleece is clear and round, the luster is soft and even, thick and wear-resistant. The velvet strips are round and plump, the fluff is wear-resistant, the texture is thick, the hand feels soft, and the warmth retention is good. Mainly used as autumn and winter coats, shoes and hats fabrics, but also as furniture decoration fabrics, curtains, sofa fabrics, handicrafts, toys, etc.
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Changxing Hongjian Textile Co., Ltd

Changxing Hongjian Textile Co., Ltd is professional China Strip Velvet Fabric Manufacturers and OEM Strip Velvet Fabric Factory, we offer wholesale Strip Velvet Fabric for sale online. We have a complete set of machinery and equipment, the warp knitting machine is from Karl Mayer, Germany, which is a modern private enterprise specializing in the production of warp knitted fabrics. The company's current main products are sportswear fabrics series: all kinds of warp knitted fabrics: golden velvet, spandex super soft, mercerized velvet, mercerized cloth and other products. We welcome interested companies from all over the world to contact us for future cooperation.


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Strip Velvet Fabric Industry Knowledge Extension

Production Method Of Strip Velvet Fabric
Striped velvet fabric is produced using a weaving method called cut-pile weaving. This method involves cutting the loops in the woven fabric to create a pile on the surface of the fabric, which is then sheared to create an even, smooth surface. Here are The steps involved in the production of striped velvet fabric:
1. Designing the fabric: The first step in producing striped velvet fabric is to design the pattern of the stripes. The pattern is created using computer software or by drawing it out on graph paper.
2. Dyeing the yarn: The yarn is dyed in the desired colors before weaving begins. The stripes can be made from different colors or different textures of yarn to create a variety of effects.
3. Weaving the fabric: The yarn is woven into a fabric using a loom. Cut-pile weaving creates loops on the surface of the fabric, which will later be cut to create the pile. The weaving process can be done on a handloom or a power loom.
4. Cutting the loops: After the fabric is woven, the loops on the surface of the fabric are cut to create a pile. The pile height can vary depending on the desired look of the fabric.
5. Shearing the pile: The pile is sheared to create an even, smooth surface. This process removes any loose fibers and gives the fabric its characteristic luster.
6. Finishing the fabric: Finally, the fabric is finished by washing, steaming, and pressing. This process softens the fabric and sets the pile, ensuring that it maintains its appearance and texture over time.

Reasons To Use Strip Velvet Fabric
Striped velvet fabric is a versatile and luxurious material that can be used for a variety of purposes. Here are some reasons why striped velvet fabric is a popular choice:
1. Elegant appearance: Striped velvet fabric has a luxurious and elegant appearance, making it a popular choice for high-end fashion and home decor.
2. Soft and comfortable: Velvet is a soft and comfortable material that is pleasant to touch and wear. The pile of the fabric adds extra cushioning and insulation, making it a cozy choice for clothing and furnishings.
3. Durable: Strip velvet fabric is durable and long-lasting, making it a good choice for upholstery and other high-wear applications.
4. Versatile: Strip velvet fabric can be made in a variety of colors and patterns, making it a versatile choice for a range of applications.
5. Excellent draping: Velvet fabric has a natural drape that makes it ideal for creating flowy garments, such as dresses and skirts.
6. Good for insulation: The pile of velvet fabric provides insulation, making it a good choice for colder weather clothing and furniture.
7. Easy to care for: Strip velvet fabric is relatively easy to care for and can often be machine washed or dry cleaned.