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1. The abrasion resistance is 4-5 times higher than that of ordinary fabrics. Because the surface of the velvet fabric is the fiber part in contact with the outside world, the friction of the cloth bottom is avoided.
2. The velvet surface is covered with standing velvet, so it is soft and elastic, soft and shiny, and the surface is not easy to wrinkle.
3. Thick cloth body and fluff surface can form an air layer, which has good thermal insulation.
Uses of mercerized velvet: used for embroidery of various women's jackets and clothes.
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Changxing Hongjian Textile Co., Ltd

Changxing Hongjian Textile Co., Ltd is professional China Mercerized Velvet Fabric Manufacturers and OEM Mercerized Velvet Fabric Factory, we offer wholesale Mercerized Velvet Fabric for sale online. We have a complete set of machinery and equipment, the warp knitting machine is from Karl Mayer, Germany, which is a modern private enterprise specializing in the production of warp knitted fabrics. The company's current main products are sportswear fabrics series: all kinds of warp knitted fabrics: golden velvet, spandex super soft, mercerized velvet, mercerized cloth and other products. We welcome interested companies from all over the world to contact us for future cooperation.


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Mercerized Velvet Fabric Industry Knowledge Extension

How To Choose Mercerized Velvet Fabric
Mercerized velvet fabric is a type of velvet that has been treated with sodium hydroxide to improve its strength, luster, and durability. Here are some tips for choosing high-quality mercerized velvet fabric:
1. Look for high-quality fibers: Mercerized velvet fabric can be made from a variety of fibers, including cotton, silk, and rayon. Look for fabrics that are made from high-quality fibers that are known for their softness and durability.
2. Check the weight: The weight of the fabric can affect its drape and durability. Choose a fabric that is neither too light nor too heavy, as this can affect the way the fabric falls and how it feels against the skin.
3. Assess the pile: The pile of the velvet refers to the raised fibers on the surface of the fabric. Check that the pile is even and dense, and that the fibers are not too long or too short. This can affect the way the fabric reflects light and its overall appearance.
4. Examine the finish: Mercerized velvet fabric can have a range of finishes, from matte to shiny. Choose a finish that matches the intended use of the fabric and the desired look of the finished garment or product.
5. Test the stretch: Some types of velvet have stretch, while others do not. If stretch is important for your project, make sure to test the fabric's stretch before purchasing.
6. Consider the color: Mercerized velvet fabric can be dyed in a range of colors, from deep jewel tones to pale pastels. Choose a color that complements the intended use of the fabric and the wearer's skin tone.
7. Check for quality: Finally, check the quality of the fabric by examining the seams and edges for fraying or loose threads, and by feeling the fabric for softness and smoothness. Choose a fabric that feels high-quality and is free from defects.

The Comfort Of Mercerized Velvet Fabric
Mercerized velvet fabric is known for its luxurious feel and comfort. This type of velvet is created by treating the fabric with sodium hydroxide, which improves its strength, luster, and durability. Here are some reasons why mercuryed ear wvelt fabric to: comfortable
1. Softness: Mercerized velvet fabric is known for its softness and smooth texture. The fibers are treated to create a smooth surface, which feels comfortable against the skin.
2. Warmth: Velvet is a relatively thick and dense fabric, which makes it a great choice for cooler weather. Mercerized velvet fabric provides warmth without feeling heavy or bulky.
3. Breathability: Despite its thickness, velvet is a breathable fabric that allows air to circulate, preventing overheating and discomfort.
4. Stretch: Some types of mercerized velvet fabric have stretch, which adds to their comfort and flexibility. Stretch velvet is often used for garments that require movement, such as dancewear or activewear.
5. Durability: Mercerized velvet fabric is strong and durable, which means it can withstand frequent wear and washing without losing its shape or softness.

Storage Of Mercerized Velvet Fabric
Proper storage of mercerized velvet fabric is important to ensure its longevity and prevent damage. Here are some tips for storing mercerized velvet fabric:
1. Clean and dry the fabric before storing it. Make sure there are no stains or moisture on the fabric before you put it away, as this can cause distortion or mildew.
2. Store the fabric in a cool, dry place. Avoid exposing the fabric to direct sunlight, as this can cause fading or distortion. Also, make sure the storage area is not humid or damp, as this can cause mildew and mold growth.
3. Store the fabric flat or rolled. Do not hang the fabric, as this can cause stretching and distortion over time. Instead, fold the fabric neatly and place it in a plastic container or a cardboard box.
4. Use acid-free tissue paper. If you need to fold the fabric, place acid-free tissue paper between the folds to prevent creasing and wrinkling.
5. Avoid storing the fabric in plastic bags. Plastic bags can trap moisture and cause the fabric to become damp and mildewed. If you need to store the fabric in a bag, choose a breathable fabric bag or wrap it in acid-free tissue paper .
6. Keep the fabric away from sharp objects. Mercerized velvet fabric can be easily snagged or torn by sharp objects, so make sure to store it away from anything that could cause damage.