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75x75 sportoc (golden velvet fabric) is polyester FDY75D*DTY75D*FDY75D finish. sportoc is a kind of fabric that is repeatedly processed by a warp knitting machine. sportoc is generally full of colors, and it will emit a bright glow under the sunlight. Generally speaking, sportoc is a kind of woven fabric.
Sportoc has the following characteristics:
1, sportoc has more elasticity, and the design will be simpler and more convenient;
2, sportoc has better looseness, more suitable for sweatshirts, school uniforms, and other garments;
3, sportoc color is fuller, feels more solid and heavy, and will give a person a spirit of fullness, formal feeling.
4, sportoc's breathability is better, clothes made of Sportoc are generally stiffer, with excellent wrinkle resistance.
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Changxing Hongjian Textile Co., Ltd

Changxing Hongjian Textile Co., Ltd is professional China 75x75 Sportoc Manufacturers and OEM 75x75 Sportoc Factory, we offer wholesale 75x75 Sportoc for sale online. We have a complete set of machinery and equipment, the warp knitting machine is from Karl Mayer, Germany, which is a modern private enterprise specializing in the production of warp knitted fabrics. The company's current main products are sportswear fabrics series: all kinds of warp knitted fabrics: golden velvet, spandex super soft, mercerized velvet, mercerized cloth and other products. We welcome interested companies from all over the world to contact us for future cooperation.


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