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What Kind Of Fabric Is Golden Velvet

The golden velvet fabric is made of polyester FDY50D and DTY75D as the main raw materials; it is woven on a warp knitting machine, and the product undergoes pre-treatment and pre-dyeing heat-setting wet treatment to form fabric shrinkage and increase in density; after post-dyeing treatment, adding flame retardant elements in dyeing, It makes the fabric have flame retardant function; after sanding treatment, the front of the cloth is shiny, the reverse is raised, the suede is strong, soft and elastic; This achieves a gloss effect and a fiber straightening effect, giving the fabric a shimmering effect under the light. The width of the golden velvet fabric on the market is basically between 160-230 cm, the weight per meter is about 220 grams, and the effective width is 150 cm. Cationic golden velvet can know from its name that its raw materials contain cations. The fabric uses polyester semi-gloss FDY68D and DTY75D cations as the main raw materials, and is woven on a warp knitting machine. The pretreatment and post-processing are the same as other golden velvet products. After pre-dyeing heat-setting wet treatment, post-dyeing, sanding, etc., flame-retardant elements are also added to the dyeing.

There are many color choices on the market, and there are more than 30 varieties of colors. Such as rose red, navy blue, brown, beige, etc., customized according to the needs of different customers. The finished fabric has a wide range of applications. Golden velvet is not only a good choice for autumn school uniform outerwear, but also an ideal lining for suits and jackets, and can also be used for home fabrics, such as curtain fabrics, sofa covers, cushions, car upholstery fabrics and Cloths for luggage lining, especially after printing, are more suitable for public places such as hotels, hostels, theaters, and home decoration. Compared with many fashion fabrics, golden velvet is a relatively old variety, but light is still loved by everyone because of its soft feel and strong hair style.

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