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What Is Warp Knitted Fabric?

Warp knitted fabric is knitted or woven through a warp knitting process. One or several parallel yarns are fed from the textile machine in the warp direction, and the knitted fabric is called warp knitted fabric. Those in the form of looped yarns are called warp knits. Warp knitted fabrics are mainly used in swimwear, underwear, and sportswear, and are relatively rarely used in fashion. With the continuous promotion of science and technology on the warp knitting industry, warp knitting products are developing in the direction of diversification, high-grade, and functionality, and the scope of application is also expanding.

At the same time, the diversification of fashion styles requires a variety of fabrics, which opens up a great space for the wide application of warp knitted fabrics in fashion. Warp knitted fabrics have different individual characteristics from woven fabrics and weft knitted fabrics. These characteristics determine the key points of using warp knitted fabrics for fashion design - combining fashion design with the characteristics of warp knitted fabrics as perfectly as possible, highlighting warp knitting The advantages of fabrics over woven or weft knitted fabrics in applications.

Combining fashion design with the characteristics of warp knitted fabrics in style. The establishment of style is the premise of fashion design, the basis of fashion style design and fabric selection, and plays a key role in the combination of the two. The style of fashion design (urban style or country style, casual style or formal style, avant-garde style or neutral style...) determines the inclination for the style selection of warp knitted fabrics; The flexibility of the manufacturing process has a wide variety and different styles. Its internal structure and appearance style also affect the style design of fashion, and the two must be consistent in style characteristics.

Functionally combines fashion design with the characteristics of warp knitted fabrics. The functionality of clothing includes aesthetic functions, practical functions, and social functions. The warp knitted fabric has good extensibility, softness, wrinkle resistance, stability, non-detachment, breathability, warmth retention, curling, etc. These characteristics can be more or less than the various functions of clothing. There are few certain connections, and different roles are played to achieve the effect of the perfect combination of the two.

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