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What Is Mercerized Velvet Fabric

The mercerized velvet fabric is polyester. The biggest feature of cotton fabrics is that they have no luster. Because of this, there will be shiny cotton treated with caustic soda, which is usually called mercerized cotton. Of course, the price is much more expensive than ordinary cotton. The mercerized velvet we are talking about now is polyester, because only chemical fiber fabrics can make a shiny effect.

Silky velvet: Also called mercerized velvet. Generally, it refers to the fabric with good surface gloss obtained by mercerizing the pile yarn.

Feature Is;

The surface of the cloth is in the shape of a wafer

Strong sense of stereo

Easily deformed after washing

Polyester mercerized double-sided fabric

Non-cotton... Its characteristics: the appearance is fine and clean, plump, with a micro-velvet feeling, but the eye can't see the fluff; the luster is soft and elegant; the hand feels soft,

Further explanation; mercerized velvet is woven from twill weave, and various cotton fabrics, such as gabardine, khaki, serge, etc., are dyed and spun by fibers Wait. Since these varieties are not commonly found in cotton fabrics, they are conventional varieties in wool fabrics,

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