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What Are The Uses Of Warp Knitted Fabrics?

Warp knitted fabric refers to knitting or weaving through a warp knitting textile process. The knitted fabric is called warp knitted fabric, and the one made of looped yarn is called warp knitted fabric.

Main Uses Of Warp Knitted Fabrics

1. Polyester warp knitted fabric: the fabric surface is flat and firm, the color is bright, and there are thick and thin. Thin ones are mainly used for shirts and skirts; medium or thick ones can be used for men's and women's jackets, windbreakers, tops, suits, trousers and other fabrics;

2. Warp knitted fleece fabric: mainly used for winter men's and women's coats, windbreakers, tops, trousers and other fabrics, the fabric has good drape, easy to wash, quick-dry, and no ironing, but static electricity accumulates during use, and it is easy to absorb dust;

3. Warp knitted mesh fabric: The texture of mesh fabric is light and thin, with good elasticity and breathability, and it feels smooth and soft. It is mainly used as a summer shirt fabric for men and women;

4. Warp knitted velvet fabric: the surface fluff is dense and standing, the hand feels thick, plump, soft, elastic, and has good warmth retention. It is mainly used for winter clothing and children's clothing fabrics;

5. Warp knitted terry fabric: This kind of fabric has a plump and thick hand, firm and thick cloth body, good elasticity, moisture absorption, warmth retention, stable terry structure, and good wearing performance. It is mainly used for sportswear and lapel T-shirts. , pajamas, children's clothing and other fabrics.

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