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Warp Knitted Fabrics And Style Characteristics Of Clothing Materials

Warp knitted fabric: Mesh fabric refers to a knitted fabric with regular mesh on the surface of the fabric. The hole shapes are square, round, diamond, hexagonal, rectangular, longitudinal corrugated, etc. The structure is relatively loose, the mesh distribution is even, and it has certain flexibility. It can be used in underwear, outerwear, sportswear, mosquito nets and curtains.

Warp-knitted lace knitted fabric: warp-knitted lace-knitted fabric, also known as lace, is a knitted fabric that forms a larger weft-inserted pattern on the ground tissue by weft-inlayed yarns. The ground tissue is mostly hexagonal mesh structure and rectangular mesh structure. The texture is light and thin, soft and springy, flexible and draped, with distinct flowers and ground, clear layers, and a strong sense of decoration. Mainly chemical fiber, cotton yarn can also be used. There are plain and colored points, suitable for decorative outerwear, women's underwear, outerwear, children's clothing and dresses, etc.

Warp-knitted elastic knitted fabric: Warp-knitted elastic knitted fabric is a warp-knitted fabric with greater elasticity, light and smooth, with high extensibility and good elastic recovery. Hydrogen stretch yarn and spandex core-spun yarn are mostly used. Suitable for corsets, corsets, swimwear, gym suits and outerwear.

Warp burnt-knitted fabric: Warp-knitted burnt-out knitted fabric is a light and thin warp-knitted fabric with a translucent pattern on the surface. The structure is stable, the drapability is good, the pattern is clear, the layers are distinct, and the three-dimensional effect is strong. Generally, the edge or color printing is carried out at the same time to enhance the edge effect of the burnt-out fabric pattern, or to make the fabric have the double effect of burnt-out and printing. It is mainly suitable for inner and outer garments, skirts, dresses and decorative items.

Warp-knitted jacquard knitted fabric: Warp-knitted jacquard knitted fabric is a fabric woven with a warp-knitted jacquard weave. It is mainly made of natural fibers and synthetic fibers, and is also woven with various blended staple fibers. After the jacquard fabric is dyed and processed, the pattern of the fabric is clearer and more orderly, and the three-dimensional effect of the concave-convex pattern is stronger. This kind of fabric has stable structure, crisp appearance, strong three-dimensional pattern and good drapability, and is suitable for women's outerwear, underwear, skirts and decorations.

Warp-knitted velvet knitted fabric: warp-knitted velvet knitted fabric is a knitted fabric with velvet effect woven by the warp-knitted double-layer cut pile method. According to the properties of cashmere, it can be divided into velvet, horizontal corduroy, straight corduroy and yarn-dyed cashmere. The yarn used for the bottom is ordinary fiber, and the plush yarn is commonly used in acrylic, polyester, wool, viscose, etc. Suitable for coats, skirts, dresses, etc.

Brushed velvet knitted fabric: brushed velvet knitted fabric is a fabric in which the suede surface of the velvet knitted fabric is heated to form a fancy effect. The texture is soft, the suede is plump, the flower shape has a strong three-dimensional effect, and it has a hidden light effect. There are two types of weft knitting and warp knitting. The weft-knitted brushed velvet fabric is first woven into a single-sided terry fabric, then sheared and processed into a velvet fabric, and then processed by a hot brush. The warp-knitted brushed velvet fabric is first woven into a thicker double-sided warp-knitted fabric, then cut into two pieces of plush fabric from the middle, and then processed by hot brushing. The pattern on the surface of the fabric is formed by hot brushing. Brush part of the fluff upright, shape the unbrushed chemical fiber fluff in a lying state, and form unpredictable patterns due to the different directions of the fluff. The velvet yarn is made of blended yarn with high chemical fiber content and low natural fiber content, and the ground yarn is made of chemical fiber yarn or natural fiber yarn. Suitable for fashion, skirts, cheongsam, etc.

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