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Features Of Mercerized Velvet Fabric

Mercerized velvet fabric can also be called mercerized velveteen. The surface gloss of mercerized velvet is particularly full, because mercerized velvet is a fabric woven from mercerized fleece yarn, and mercerized velvet is mostly used to make women's tops and side sleeves used to decorate clothes, which will bring people A more gentle and intimate feeling.

What are the characteristics of silk velvet?

1. The shape of the mercerized velvet fabric is quite special. If you carefully observe the mercerized velvet fabric, it will appear in the shape of a wafer cake, giving people a more three-dimensional feeling.

2. The mercerized velvet fabric is not washable, and the shape of the clothes is prone to change after several washes.

3. The mercerized velvet fabric will have a slight velvet feel, but it cannot be observed with our naked eyes.

4. The color of mercerized velvet fabric is relatively full, which will give people a more elegant feeling.

5. The wear resistance is 4-5 times higher than that of ordinary fabrics. Because the surface of the velveteen fabric is the fiber section in contact with the outside world, it avoids friction at the bottom of the fabric.

6. The surface of velveteen is densely covered with upright fluff, so it feels soft, has good elasticity, soft luster, and the surface is not easy to wrinkle.

7. The cloth body is thick, and the fluff on the surface can form an air layer, so it has good warmth retention.

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