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Basic Knowledge Of Sportswear Fabrics

Sportswear refers to clothing worn during exercise, which means that there are more requirements for the performance of the fabric, such as sweat-absorbing and wear-resistant, etc. Currently, sportswear made of polyester fabric accounts for a larger proportion in the market.

Characteristics required for sportswear:

Quick-drying is an essential feature of sportswear, because people produce a lot of sweat during exercise. If the sweat cannot evaporate quickly but stays in the clothes, it is likely to cause discomfort or even catch a cold. Even though cotton sportswear can absorb sweat, sweat cannot evaporate, so it is not suitable as a raw material for sportswear.

Polyester fabric can just make up for the shortcomings of cotton. The air permeability of polyester is better than that of cotton, so sweat can evaporate quickly, and the clothes will not be too "heavy". With better abrasion resistance, polyester sportswear lasts longer than other fabrics.

Precautions for washing sportswear:

Sportswear can be hand-washed by machine. Polyester sportswear is more wear-resistant. If there is dirt on the clothing, you can wipe it hard, because the clothes are relatively thin and then dry naturally. Be careful not to soak the clothes for a long time or they will be damaged. Causes damage to fibers and must be washed separately if color will run.

Commonly used fabrics for sportswear:

1. As mentioned above, polyester fabrics are generally used for sportswear. Of course, some businesses also use polyester and other fibers (cotton and linen) to blend, which can diversify the functions of clothing.

2. Although the breathability of cotton fabrics is not as good as polyester, you can still find a lot of cotton sportswear in stores, and some well-known brands such as Anta Li Ning and other sportswear use cotton fabrics.

3. Nylon is also often used to produce sportswear. It was popular a few years ago and was mainly used to produce sports pants. However, since the popularity of polyester sportswear, the market share of nylon sportswear has become smaller and smaller.

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