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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Velvet Fabrics

The mercerized velvet fabric is a kind of velveteen, which is a fabric with good surface luster obtained by mercerizing the raised yarn, also called mercerized velvet. It is mostly used for embroidery of all kinds of women's tops and clothes.

Other cotton fabrics include various cotton fabrics woven from twill weave, such as gabardine, khaki, serge, etc., and various yarn-dyed fabrics woven from fibers dyed and spun, such as varnish, yarn-dyed tweed, etc. Since these varieties are not commonly found in cotton fabrics and are conventional in wool fabrics, they are detailed in the section on wool fabrics.

The advantages and disadvantages of velvet fabric:

1. The shape of the mercerized velvet fabric is special. If you carefully observe the mercerized velvet fabric, it will show a wafer-like shape, giving people a more three-dimensional feeling.

2. The mercerized velvet fabric is not washable, and the shape of the clothes is easy to change after several washings.

3. The velvet fabric will have a slight velvet feeling, but it cannot be observed with the naked eye.

4. The color of the velvet fabric is fuller, which will give people a more elegant feeling.

The difference between golden velvet and velvet

First of all, in terms of use, golden velvet is mostly used to make sportswear such as school uniforms and sportswear; while mercerized velvet is mostly used to make women's tops or to make decorations to decorate the edges of clothes.

Secondly, from the perspective of appearance, the golden velvet fabric is relatively straight and has better air permeability. The velvet is soft and gentle, with a slightly velvety feel.

Finally, mercerized velvet is easy to deform after washing; golden velvet has better wrinkle resistance and will not easily deform after repeated washing.